BBH Lab Meetings

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BBH Group Meeting Schedule

Every other Tuesday, Morrill III Room 215, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Tuesday, 09/11/12 Tobias - Baskin Lab **Special Biomechanics Meeting Summary**

Tuesday, 09/25/12 Heidi- Baskin Lab

Tuesday, 10/09/12 Peter - Bezanilla Lab

Tuesday, 10/23/12 *** No BBH Meeting. All Lab Members are encouraged to attend: Symposium on Cellular Complexity in the Campus Center***

Tuesday, 11/06/12 Shuzon - Bezanilla Lab

Tuesday, 11/20/12 Anita - Baskin Lab

Tuesday, 12/04/12 Graham - Bezanilla Lab

Tuesday, 12/18/12 Kevin- Baskin Lab