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BBWH Group Meeting Schedule

Every other Tuesday, Morrill 337 (unless otherwise noted), 1:00pm-2:00pm

9.4.18 Sam (Hazen lab) and Eri (Baskin lab)

9.18.18 Harry (Bartlett lab)

10.2.18 Jazmín (Bartlett lab)

10.16.18 Jarrett (Bartlett lab) and Tobias

10.30.18 Erin (Bartlett lab) and Ahmet (Walker lab)

11.13.18 Adam Saffer (Irish lab, visiting scientist with Tobias) and Josh (Hazen lab)

11.27.18 Joe (Bartlett lab) and Stavroula (Walker lab)

12.11.18 Harry (Bartlett lab) and Rakesh (Walker lab)

12.25.18 No meeting-Merry Christmas!

1.8.19 Ian (Hazen lab) and Eri (Baskin lab)

1.22.19 Kirk (Hazen lab) and Maura (Baskin lab)

2.5.19 Sam (Hazen lab) and Rosario (Walker lab)

2.19.19 Tobias (Baskin lab) and Jazmín (Bartlett lab)

3.5.19 Kirk (Hazen lab)

Up next: Jarrett, Josh, Erin, Ahmet, Joe, Stavroula, Ian, Eri, Harry, Maura, Sam, Rakesh, Kirk, Rosario, Tobias, Jazmín, Maria