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(BBBH Group Meeting Schedule)
(BBBH Group Meeting Schedule)
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9.14.16    <strike>Jarett- Bartlett Lab</strike> Harry Klein  
9.14.16    <strike>Jarett- Bartlett Lab</strike> <strike>Harry Klein</strike>
9.28.16    Shu-Zon- Bezanilla Lab
9.28.16    Shu-Zon- Bezanilla Lab

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BBBH Group Meeting Schedule

Every other Wednesday, Morrill III Room 215, 1:00pm-2:00pm

9.14.16 Jarett- Bartlett Lab Harry Klein

9.28.16 Shu-Zon- Bezanilla Lab

10.12.16 Thompson- Bartlett Lab

10.26.16 Ellen- Baskin Lab

11.9.16 Jarett- Bartlett Lab

11.30.16 Two-for-One Special! Jackie (Bezanilla Lab tech) and Ian (PB grad student rotation talk, Bezanilla Lab) mini presentations

12.14.16 Two-for-One Special! Darren (Bezanilla Lab undergrad) and Xiaohang (PB grad student rotation talk, Baskin Lab) mini presentations

This calender is subject to change to accommodate schedules of presenters and attendees. Stay tuned for updates!

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