Filming Candidates

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This is a brief guide on the procedures for filming candidates for the purpose of providing a video file that can be studied by Biology faculty unable to attend the job talks.

The camera is an Olympus Tough TG-310. (You can download the manual.)

There is a door on the right side of the camera. Plug the camera in with the provided cable to charge the camera. Make sure the camera is fully charged before recording.

The camera should say that it will record about 3:05:00 of video (on the lower right-hand corner of the screen). This is because the video settings should be set to record VGA (640x480) sized video with the Image Quality set to "Normal". This is described on page 69 of the manual.

Turn on the camera by pressing the small, round button on the top of the camera. Position the camera on a tripod so that, without using the zoom, the camera will capture both the presenter and the screen of the slide presentation. Try not to capture more than necessary. Do not use the zoom. Begin recording by pressing the button with the round, red dot on the back of the camera. After the lecture is over, press the button with the red dot and then power off the camera with the small button on the top.

Connect the camera with the cable to a computer to download the video file (or files). A volume should appear on the desktop called "NO NAME" (and iPhoto may open). The files will be in a folder called "100OLYMP" inside the "DCIM" folder. Drag the files onto your desktop. (Or you can use iPhoto to import the files).

If you have a single file, simply rename the file with the pattern "SEARCH-Lastname", e.g. "NEURO-Smith".

If it is necessary to assemble multiple files into a single video, you can use iMovie. You'll need to import the video clips. They should appear in the lower quadrant of the screen. There is a slider you can use to make the clips appear as small as possible (drag to the right). Drag the clips in order into the upper project window (there is a separate slider for this window). You can select and delete parts of the clips, if there is unneeded footage. Use the "Share" menu to export the final movie to a single file.

Zoe will post the videos in the Samba volume "job-talks" on marlin.

After the files are uploaded, the card can be erased. You can easily erase the card by selecting turning on the camera, selecting "Menu" and scrolling down until you find "Format".