Summer Fellowship Reports

Apr 03, 2013

Reports from the 2012 summer fellowship program are coming in.

Gina Agostini, a student of Brigitte Holt in Anthropology, reported on her study of whether long bone microscopic structure of lemurs reflects their interspecies relationsips. (Read her report)

Eric Griffith, an Anthropology student of Lynnette Leidy Sievert, used his scholarship to analyze the cranial diversity of Malagasy lemurs. (Read his report ).

Hannah Kincaid, an undergraduate who worked with Cristina Cox Fernandes, studied the origin of the electirc organ in Amazonian electric fishes. (Read her report).

Chi-Yun Kuo, a student of Duncan Irschick, traveled in the American West for his project: "Lizard tail autotomy in a gradient of predation pressure: a field study of the common side-blotched lizard Uta stansburiana; (Read his report )

Andrew Smith, an Organismic and Evolutionary Biology student in Betsy Dumont's lab, looked at the teeth of early mammals to relate diet and evolutionary change soon after the demise of the dinosaurs. (Read his report)