Reports from summer fellowship students

Nov 20, 2013

The reports from recipients of the NHC summer fellowships are coming in.

Kristin Cheney, an undergraduate Environemntal Conservation major studied aquatic insect emergence in the headwaters of streams feeding the Quabbin Reservoir (read her report ).

Ashley Cox, who worked with Laurie Godfrey of the Anthropology Department, studied cut and chop marks on the bones of giant lemurs to document evidence of human predation (her report).

Patrick Green, a graduate student of Sheila Patek's in the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Program, studied Intraspecific morphological variation in mantis shrimp, a marine crustacean that uses its modified jaw parts to smash or spear prey (read his report)

Yi-Fen Lin, an Organismic and Evolutionary Biology graduate student in Betsy Dumont's lab, has been studying the burrowing performance of two moles, which live in different substrates. (her report)

Zoemma Warshafsky, senior Biology major, worked with Dr. Molly Lutcavage, Director of the Large Pelagics Research Center, to study parasites found in Atlantic bluefin tuna. They collected their material with the help of local commercial fishermen and dealers in Gloucester (where LPRC is located), Lynn, and Seabrook, NH (read her report).