NHC Summer Fellowships Awarded

Jun 03, 2016

The 2016 summer fellowships from the Natural History Collections have been awarded to two graduate students and two undergraduates.

Zena Casteel will be studying how preferences for songs by the males develop in female song sparrows. She is a student of Jeff Podos.

Daniel Peterson, a student of Ben Normark,  will study the evolution of ecological specialization in armored scale insects by comparing host use between species. Armored scale insects are, a major pest of forest trees

Catherine Porth is collecting eggs of the Jefferson/Blue-Spotted Salamander complex in order to raise the larvae and construct a catalog of their development to aid in identification. She is working with Al Richmond.

Abby Vander Linden will be analyzing micro Cat scans of the vertebrae of several species of horned and antlered mammals in order to compare the structures of those which engage in combat with the headgear of those which don't. She is a student of Betsy Dumont.