Natural History Collections Summer Fellowships Awarded.

Mar 12, 2015

Four graduate students have been awarded NHC Summer Fellowships for 2015.

Andrew Smith will travel to the Museum of Comparative Zoology in Boston and to Chicago to continue data collection for his doctoral thesis for the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Program. He measures jawbones of mammals from widely differing evolutionary lines in order to explore the questions of convergence and adaptation in their history. He is a student of Professor Betsy Dumont.

Amy Strauss will be recording male song sparrows singing and then studying the question of how they perceive distance in locating other males. How they locate by direction, both horizontal and vertical, is better known. Amy is a student of Professor Jeff Podos.

Moira Conconnan and Yinan Hu, students of Professor Craig Albertson, plan to travel to Malawi as part of team studying cichlid fishes in Lake Malawi. This family of fish is known for its rapid evolution of over 1600 species in the African rift lakes. Moira will study how a specific morphological adaptation, the flexible flap on the upper jaw of Labeotropheus fuelleborni contributes to feeding success. Yinan plans to jaw morphology and foraging behavior in two species of cichlids.