Kate Doyle captures photos of the endangered Andean Cat

Oct 28, 2018

Using an array of camera traps placed at altitudes greater than 5,000m/16,400-ft., Kate Doyle, Collections Manager, and colleagues successfully documented the presence of the endangered Andean cat (Leopardus jacobita) in the Sibinacocha watershed of Peru's Cordillera Vilcanota mountains.

The Andean cat is the most threatened cat species in the Americas and one of the five most endangered cats in the world. Preferring habitats greater than 4,000m/13,000-ft. in its northern range (i.e. Peru), it is so rare and secretive that prior to 1996, a few museum specimens and observations were the only basis for its description.

Doyle's team was led by Preston Sowell of the Sibinacocha Watershed Project (www.sibinacocha.org) and included Peruvian biologist Dina Flores.