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Examining the dentition, tooth measurements, and jaws of a dietary specialist, the prickly dogfish shark (Oxynotus bruniensis)

Joshua Moyer studied teeth and jaws of the prickly dogfish using several microscopy methods: light and polarizing microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Co-author Mark Riccio is also doing CT scans on the specimens.

Luis Aguirre Summer Research

Herbivory-Induced Effects on Pollinator Communities: Consequences for Plant

Pedro Pereira Rizzato Summer Research

Pedro Pereira Rizzato a visiting student from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, this summer, studied specimens in the UMass Collections of the Polypteridae, a family of freshwater fishes from Africa, in order to illuminate their evolutionary position, and what it tells us about the evolution o

Rachel Bell Summer Research

This past summer Rachel Bell studied the microbiomes of lemurs in the Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve, Madagascar, to observe species level difference in the gut, hair, oral and genital biomes of Verraux’s Sifaka and ring tailed lemurs.  DNA from the samples will be analyzed at the UMass Genomics L

Kate Doyle captures photos of the endangered Andean Cat

Using an array of camera traps placed at altitudes greater than 5,000m/16,400-ft., Kate Doyle, Collections Manager, and colleagues successfully documented the presence of the endangered Andean cat (Leopardus jacobita) in the Sibinacocha watershed of Peru's Cordillera Vilcanota mountains.

Amanda Fuchs summer research

Amanda Fuchs used a summer research scholarship from the NHC to study baboon gut microbiomes in Zambia. She collected baboon feces, and water samples, and made observations on behavior of the baboons in Kasanka National Park.

Human activity in Madagascar earlier than thought

Laurie Godfrey, Professor Emerita of Anthropology, participated in research showing human activity in Madagascar 6000 years earlier than previously thought.

Podos studies Amazonian bell birds

Jeff Podos, Curator of Birds, is studying Amazonian bellbirds this summer via a Fulbright Fellowship.  With longtime collaborator Mario Cohn-Haft, a staff member of the National Institute for Amazon Research in Brazil, Podos will be research how these small birds produce such booming songs.

Summer Scholarships 2018

The Natural History Collections have awarded six scholarships for the summer of 2018. These awards are made in support of research and education in the collections.  This year they went to

Kamilar appointed Editor-in-Chief of Evolutionary Anthropology

Jason Kamilar, Curator of Fossil Primates, has been appointed the new editor-in-chief of Evolutionary Anthropology, a peer-reviewed academic journal focusing on current issues in biological anthropology, paleontology, archaeology, primatology, genetics, human ecology and other areas pertinent to