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Observations About Fly Larvae

Submitted by lmadhireddy on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:23

For the first exercise of the Writing in Biology class, we had to spend about 30 minutes observing a fly larvae observation about the said larvae. At first this exercise seemed to be pretty simple; just noticing the features of the larvae and writing down what we saw. The larvae, for the most part, would just circle the perimeter of the plastic container and occasionally poke its head outside the edge of the container. If the container was shaken or disturbed in anyway the larvae would become absolutely still. However, as the larvae got more comfortable in the container, it would constantly try to leave its container. What started off as a simple exercise, became a game of catching the larvae and preventing its great escape.

Observations About Fly Larvae

Submitted by lmadhireddy on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:11
  • The organism that was placed in the plastic container has a yellowish-whitish color. The outer layer- is semi translusent, and you can partly see what is inside.
  • There seems to be a long white organ/muscle that is inside the body
  • The specimen is worm like in appearance but has a long tail/flagella
  • It moves around like a caterpillar, but when touched (or when the container is touched) it becomes still. However, if left undisturbed the organism seems to move around the container, circuling the perimeter of the container
  • At one point the specimen writhed and its tail was slightlty out of the container, it appears to be trying to leave the container
  • The specimen has no legs, and it seems to be unwilling to leave the container?
  • Maybe the speciemen uses its tail for balance? Or as a sensor?
  • The organism has a few black spots, could some of them be the eyes?
  • Does the organism eat the wood chips? It is surrounded by them, but has not eaten them in my presence
  • The body length of the specimen is about 10mm, and the tail length is about 10mm
  • The head of the specimen was about 2mm in length
  • Specimen does nor have any antennae
  • Is it possible the specimen is blind and deaf?
  • The length from head to tail is about 30mm
  • The organism cannot stick to the surface of the container- if the container is shaken, the specimen will also move around
  • Specimen has little groves on its underbelly- might be the legs
  • Organism was able to fling a small woodchip outside of the container
  • What is it called?
  • Organism fell out of the container- why is it trying to escape?
  • End of the tail is not covered by anything


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