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Week 10 - Tell Us About Your Favorite Blog!

Submitted by dnavon on Wed, 04/12/2017 - 11:08

Hopefully this week's Favorite Blog presentation wasn't too stressful for you all!  I think they went great :)  Due to time constraints, I'm going to push the discussion aspect to the very beginning of next class, though we'll only have about 10 minutes to devote to it.  I wish we could have more time together!!!  

With all that in mind, here's your homework for this week:

  1. Write down some trends you noticed about the design and content on your favorite blogs.  The slides you all prepared are attached here (and also available in the archived Lecture Slides section).  
  2. Finish your blog post!  Please send the full draft to me by Sunday night.  I will be giving you feedback, which you can then choose to incorporate and submit the second draft as a TLS guest post (not a requirement for the class but highly suggested!)
  3. Keep an eye out for a primary article you'd like to write a press release about

And of course let me know if you have any questions on any of this!  PLEASE REMEMBER our class next week will be held on TUESDAY.

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- The articles are angled at answering questions that would come naturally to people. for example: "how does biodiversity help an ecosystem?". we hear a lot in society about biodiversity, but it is often a message that doesn't explain why biodiversity is important or even what effects it has at all other than having more different species. 

- The articles are aimed at answering questions that are relevant and already prevalent. for example: "5 ideas for doubling the worlds food supply" this addresses a current issue in the world, something that may be of concern to people. It is kind of giving the scientific angle of current topics a lot.