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If only one breed of dog could be saved from this retrovirus then our group (group 5) proposes that we save the alaskan malamute. The alaskan malamute is among the oldest breeds of dogs being among the 16 basal dog breeds and thus has the potential to allow for the recovery of modern breeds from the more ancient lineages. The alaskan malamute is also very hardy being bred for endurance and stamina.  They are trainable dogs that are capable of being used as sled dogs. Malamutes are highly affectionate towards humans being protective and make great family pets.

Dog persuasion exercise

Submitted by koganezova on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 15:04

We were presented with a scenario that went: A new retrovirus is killing domestic dogs at terrible speed, in a few months all domestic dogs are predicted to be extinct. However, scientists have developed enough vaccine to save one pregnant mother and her puppies: which breed dog should be saved?

My group and I concluded that the breed of dog that should be saved should be a member of the oldest breeds of dogs. One breed includes the husky, which has been around since the 19th century. We thought this because since they are one of the original breeds of dogs and have not been heavily selected for, so if they were to be regenerated, different dog breeds can be potentially brought back. 

Saving Dogs

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If only one breed of dog could be saved, it would make the most sense to save German Shepherds. These dogs have such a wide range of capablilites, such as being service dogs or being police dogs, making them a useful animal for almost any kind of human. These dogs also have a decent lifespan of 9-13 years, meaning they would be likely to live long enough to reproduce and repopulate the population. These dogs also are known to be one of the most intelligent breeds, and also have a great muscular build, meaning they would be able to pass good genetics on when repopulating the dog population. If the evolution of dogs had to restart at one point, it would make sense for it to start with german shepherds, as these dogs already have some of the most superior genes seen in dogs today.

Preservation of Dog Breeds

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The breed of dog that should be selected should be one of the most basal breeds which would allow for future domestication and the reintroduction of more derived breeds. Of the basal breeds, we chose to save the Alaskan Malamute which is closely related to Artic wolves. Preservation of the Alaskan Malamute breed would allow for potential differentiation of breeds by artificial selection since the Malamute theoretically contains more ancestral DNA of the most recent common ancestor of the breeds derived from Arctic wolf ancestors. 

Persuasion Writting

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Our beloved dogs are dying out! This is a crisis for dog-lovers everywhere! Not only are dogs wonderful companions, they are also an effective therapy tool and have provide services to people with medical conditions for decades. There is a vaccine that scienctist have created that would allow for one pregnant mother and her pups to survive this horrible viral outbreak! The most obvious choice for this life saving vaccine is a pregnant labrador retriever. This dog bread is simply the best! They can vary in color and provide owners with love and affection! Energectic but able to be trained to be service animals, these dogs have it all! Any other choice would simply be a lacking one when compared to the benefits of having labrador retrievers prevail.

Persuasion Activity -Sophia Hall and Robyn Farrell

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In the case of this tragic situation, we beliieve that the labrodor should be the breed of dog that should recevie the vaccine. Labradors have very large litters (7.6 dogs per litter) which would allow the population of dogs to regenerate qucikly. Labs are also the number one dog in americam, they are also easy to train. They provide assistance to the handicapped, show competitor, and search and rescue dog, among other canine jobs.

Hw excerpt

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If you think about it, this simple fact showcases the dominance and complexity multicellular organisms have over unicellular. Animal cells grow only in response to the other signals they receive from communication from other cells. Yeast just do whether or not they are told to do so from the inside, just whether surrounding conditions are appropriate.

Brain Implants and Guitar Hero

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Researchers at Ohio State University Wexner Medical have connected a patient’s brain to a gel sleeve to stimulate muscles. The patient is paralyzed from the shoulder down, but retains minor range of motion in the arms. The electrodes, connected to the brain, are able to conduct the signals from the brain to the muscles in the arm to perform functions. So far, the tests have allowed to patient to grasp, pour, swipe a credit card, and play Guitar Hero.

The goals of the experiment is to create a direct path between the brain and muscles, lost from injury. However, there a drawbacks from the use of the sleeve. The stimulated muscle is only as strong as someone with a lesser injury. Further, stimulation of the muscle needs to get past the skin. This reduces the response when it reaches the muscle and causes the contractions to be fairly weak. A good amount of voltage must be applied to get close to the same amount of tensile strength as in a regular muscle contraction. Other studies have used invasive surgeries to install electrodes at the motor neurons and muscles. This has the benefit of bypassing invasive surgery and using a wearable glove to stimulate the arm.


Lung Cancer PP

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Lung cancer is found mostly in the elderly for the majority of people with lung cancer are over the age of 60. However, lung cancer is still the leading cancer that causes death in both men and women in the United Sates of all ages. For the most part, populations at high risk of lung cancer can usually be classified as the people who decide to smoke. This can be seen in many people over the ae of 60. Active cigarette smoking is the predominant cause of lung cancer and the main indicator of both high-risk populations and high-risk individuals. People of all ages are aware that lung cancer is extremely common, however still choose to smoke. Lung cancer is also steadily higher among men than women and is predominantly high among African American men and those of lower socioeconomic status. This proves just how many people are diagnosed every year.

Dr. Allan Detsky

Submitted by koganezova on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 12:33

Over the summer, I had the priviledge of working at NYU Medical Center and attending amazing conferences and talks. One day, a doctor named Allan Detsky came to talk at NYU Medical center. Physicians, residents, and students all came to listen to him. He held the most amazing talk that I have heard in a while. After the talk, I reached out to him saying thank you for his wise words and opinions. He got back to me almost right away saying it was an honor to give his input to future and current physicians. He then sent me a few of his other papers he has written that he thought I would enjoy. One was a paper written to educate future students and residents on how to go through your years while learning and interacting with patients from the eyes of current students, residents, and physicians. One resident told his story about how he met a patient that was in his last stages of HIV. He did not have much time left when the resident met him, but the resident continued to be by his side every single day. Even with the chaotic hours the resident had, he would stop by to take a break in the patients room. He did this for two years until the patient passed away. Although it was heartbreaking, the family thanking him and showing their gratitude made the pain go away for the resident and it solidified even more why he was in this profession. This is one of the most important aspects of healthcare, passion and dedication.


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