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Week 08: Research Proposal Appointments; Writing for Persuasion

Submitted by sbrewer on Sun, 03/19/2017 - 14:38

Meeting Location

BCRC (M311S)


We will conduct an activity this week about writing for persuasion.

Much of the rest of class this week will be devoted to a working-session where groups can meet to work on their Research Proposals, although if other times work better for your group, attendance is not required during the class period.

Earlier in the week, however, I would like each group to arrange to meet with me one-on-one (or is that three-on-one?) for a half-hour period to discuss your research proposal.  If no earlier time can be found, we can use part of the class period for these appoitments. When you come, bring your research question and literature review for us to evaluate and work on together.

Several groups have already set a time. To schedule a time, identify one or two times that will work for your group and email Dr. Brewer. Thursday is still pretty open and, of course, Friday morning (although other times may also be possible). If you can find no other time, indicate that you will meet during class time.

Required Activities

  1. Schedule a time for your group to meet one-on-one with Dr. Brewer to discuss your Research Proposal
  2. Before meeting:
    • Develop your Research Question
    • Develop a bibliography that should include:
      1. The most recent relevant review paper (or papers)
      2. One or more research papers that use methods like the ones you propose for your project
      3. Key historical papers that support your topic (identified using review papers)