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reflective essay PP

Submitted by jdantonio on Thu, 05/04/2017 - 22:45

Our first project which we began at the beginning of the semester and have continued through to the end is the weekly journal entry. I think when I was first given the assignment I thought this would largely be busy work, something to check off at the end of each week. However as the semester went on I think I continually got more out of it. The reading of papers to create journals entries and just the act of writing made me a better scientific writer. Seeing many examples of  scientific literature allowed me to compare and contrast styles and improve my own writing by synthesising the best parts for my journal entries. It also helped to get me to do projects in other classes in a more reasonable time frame. In the past I would typically do projects at the last second but spreading them out over several days as journal entries made me go at a slower rate and I feel helped to improve their quality. I think in the future I will spread out my work over a larger period of time which will help me improve my writing quality and be prepared for adverse events. I will also try to write more in general as I definitely feel that I have improved my writing skills simply by the act of writing regularly.  




This is a pretty solid reflective essay. But the typing seems kinda hasty so give it another read through before submitting. There are sentences that are missing commas to divide the sentence. Try breaking up the sentences when reading them out loud. Good job.