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PP Sleep Extension Methods

Submitted by skhall on Fri, 04/21/2017 - 12:14

A Go/No-Go task will be used to measure the cognitive functioning of the child, specifically inhibitory control. During the Go/No-Go task, children will be told that they need to catch animals that have escaped from a zoo. To catch the animals, they are to press a button on a mouse as quickly as possible. They are instructed to catch all animals except for the chimpanzee because the chimpanzee is helping to catch the other animals. Children will have one practice round and two sessions of the actual task. If children click the mouse when the chimpanzee pops up, they are reminded not to catch him in order to help with the task at hand. Additional questionnaires will be used to assess the behavior and sleep in the sample tested.



Overall well writen paragraph. I would suggest to elaborate more on why this particular activity was used and what it is specifically measuring. I realize that this may have been done in ther paragraphs that wer not included for the perfect paragraph. 

Great paragraph. What were the results of the test i.e what was the standard deviation of how long it took to catch all the animals and other details that would have brought the study to a conclusion.