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Journal #19--Moss Growth

Submitted by skhall on Mon, 03/20/2017 - 14:52



For my group’s research proposal we are going to do some kind of experiment involving the water absorbance of moss and it’s effects on the growth of the moss. In finding information on this, I was looking at some facts on moss and their available water storage.  Moss are able to absorb water and nutrients over the whole surface of their “shoots.”  Because they lack roots they have a finite about of space to absorb water. With this information in mind, we have to think of some factors about when doing the experiment. 


   Initially we want to take the same type of moss and put them in their own environments. We will either initially add the same amount of water to both or vary the amount and then everyday check the amount of growth the moss has done. We will want to make sure that each moss is grown in similar environments so that other factors will not make a difference in growth patterns, such as sunlight. We will want to measure the amount of water absorbed but possibly also the water retention capacity to look at any changes that might be happening between moses. We will want to make as many measurements as possibly to notice any growth differences between the two mosses. If we want, we could compare the mosses to other plants to note the difference in those absorbance capacities. We could also take different mosses to note the difference int after absorbances based on their original location. We want to make sure that the weights and sixes of the mosses chosen are of the same size (and possibly weight) to allow for accurate calculations and measurements. With these factors in mind we will hopefully retrieve good data on our moss experiment.