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Conclusions Draft 1

Submitted by kmichaud on Fri, 04/21/2017 - 11:32
  • The moss specimen examined, regardless of location, were capable of surviving desiccation and successfully rebounded in greenness.

  • Specimens from South, East, and West microclimates generally rebounded at similar rates, indicating that such subtle changes in microclimates may either not affect rebound success or was not detectable using our methodology.

  • Though the North facing specimen experienced the least successful rebound, we cannot conclude that this is solely a result of its original microclimate and that North facing mosses are generally not as successful.

  • A more extensive comparison between North, South, West, and East facing moss samples from multiple trees should be conducted to determine if a different tree location produces a significant effect in more variable locations (with more extreme sun exposures depending on orientation).