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Submitted by scestero on Mon, 03/20/2017 - 10:56

When using an electrograph we can see how charges interact with one another. We must follow 3 basic rules which are that opposites attract, likes repel and there is a conservation of charge unless the objects are touching. To test this we use an electrograph in which we add electrons by charging a metal rod and holding it against the electrograph. When the rod touches the machine the leaves in the center repel because the electrons are traveling down the machine and repelling against one another. IN order to get as far away as possible they go to the tips of the leaves, which in turn makes the leaves stand up. When the rod is held close to the electrograph,not touching it, the leaves also stand up because the electrons in the machine are repelled to the ends of the leaves. There is no direct transfer of electrons but they cansense one another enough to repel. This concept also works when youu hold a negatively charged rod to a stream of water.