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Perfect Paragraph

Submitted by kngallant on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 00:44

    The immune system is used to fight off a number of different foreign invaders. One thing the immune system can fight off are  free floating pathogens or toxins. These pathogens are often viruses and toxins that are found in extracellular fluid throughout the body, such as the bloodstream. The immune system can also destroy body cells that are infected with bacteria or viruses. It can also destroy cancer cells. Dividing cells go through certain checkpoints to ensure each step is properly completed. However, sometimes cells may escape these checkpoints, and may be on their way to becoming cancerous. The immune system can recognize these cells, and destroy them to prevent cancer from forming.



Great sentence variation but maybe you could expand on the concepts a little bit more. 

I would go into more deail about how the immune system actually accomplishes the things you mention, like how the cancer cells are recognised . Also you need to cite this kind of information so in the future always go with citation, being acussed of plagarism is not fun.