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Huntington's treatment

Submitted by abnguyen on Sun, 04/30/2017 - 22:15

 Currently, there are no treatments that can completely cure huntington’s disease.  On the bright side, there are hundreds of scientists actively trying to develop a cure.  There are 2 ongoing treatments that have a high chance of helping HTT patients, the first is AUTEN-99.  This drug is a potent neuroprotective candidate for preventing and treating neurodegenerative disorder.  AUTEN-99 works to degrade excess detrimental material in the cytoplasm.  This will clear up cell space and provide nutrients for functioning proteins.  AUTEN-99 has been tested on flies and has shown to stop down neurodegeneration.  AUTEN-99 has been known to work for other neuron related diseases such as alzheimer's and parkinson's.   




Very intereting topic to write about, I think you could go into more detail about this drug and how it works on a molecular level (if that's what you might have been reading or writing about). Or maybe how it was tested on flies and what the results were in that study. 

Instead of saying "2 ongoing treatments" I would write "two ongoing treatments". My second suggestion is to replace "AUTEN-99" with a pronoun, so for example saying "This drug has been known to work..." rather than using the name of the drug so many times.

Maybe adding a concluding sentence would be good.