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PP: Artificial Touch

Submitted by eriklee on Fri, 04/21/2017 - 12:12

The task of the two patients of the study describe how electrical stimulation is distinct at varying levels of intensity. The researchers developed a value known as activation change rate (ACR) that represents the “total population spike count in the activated neural population.” It measures the aggregate intensity of the neurons in width and amplification to get a sense of how intense each iteration of electrical stimulation is perceived as. They found that population spikes in nerves correlate with the magnitude of touch. 



Good paragraph, I definitely think you could go into more depth on the subject but I don't really see any necessary grammar changes.  

As the previous commenter said, more detail would make the paragraph complete and easier to understand. There are no obvious mistakes and is well written overall.

Good job, I am just confused at what study you are referring to. More detail is needed!