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From "Values in Ecology"

Submitted by kmichaud on Fri, 04/21/2017 - 09:56

If our species can remove itself from the elitist belief that humans are superior to other species, formulating laws to protect the natural world would aim to benefit biodiversity. Regulating climate changing pollution would be done for the well being of all life and not just for the lives of human beings and their monetary gains. Protecting our natural resources and the organisms that benefit from those resources by tightening regulations would be to the ultimate benefit of our species. What regulators in this country are currently too pompous or blind to see is that their money will have no value if our planet in incapable of sustaining human life. Maintaining our planet requires treating other living things with the same amount of respect and value, and we will continue to decrease biodiversity if we fail to modify our behaviors. 



Very well written! Very interesting as well, your writing keeps me interested in the topic though some people might not know a lot about this topic. 

This is a very good opinion piece, which I had not expected. Based on reading, you are able to capture your outrage and probably the outrage shared by others about the humans mistreatment of the environment. In my opinion, it's hard to get an adult to start caring for the environment out of the blue. To change the opinion of the masses, it has to come at a very young age and through stern education. Kids who grow up caring about the environment will have that value instilled as an adult.