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Perfect paragraph

Submitted by jiadam on Sat, 03/11/2017 - 19:34

Activating receptor tyrosine kinase

Upon receiving a signal, 2 receptor tyrosine kinases come together and dimerize, Dimerization allows the receptors to phosphorylate each other which means they add a phosphate to the opposing receptor and thus activates the kinase. The phosphorylated tyrosine creates binding sites for downstream protein effectors to bind. This binding area is called an SH2 domain. RTKS are active in survival signals where the cell need a constant signal telling it to continue to survive. They are also active in growth factor signaling pathways. These pathways can tell a cell to divide more quickly and proliferate cell growth or to limit cell growth.



Nice. Instead of saying "2" I would write out "two". Also there is no need to capitalize "Dimerization" after "dimerize,". Unless, the comma was meant to be a period.

The only suggestion I have is to change RTKS to RTKs as RTKS is not the same thing and RTKs. I also would suggest changing "2" to "two". I think the rule is that if anything is under the number twenty-four to be spelled out. 

I would elaborate on what SH2 stands for