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Journal #16 PP

Submitted by skhall on Fri, 03/10/2017 - 11:35

While looking at the various research that UMass has to offer, I came upon a type of research that is done by Gerald B. Downes. His lab is interested in the development, organization and function of neuronal networks that involve precise movements of locomotive behavior like walking or swimming. They use zebrafish to study this because they have several characteristics that make them eel-suited for studying this type of information.Their spinal cords are relatively simple compared to mammals and the embryos are transparent which also make it easier to study. These features in the fish allow them to integrate genetic, molecular, cellular and a behavior approach to study the spinal cord network. Specifically they are looking to understand how the hindbrain and spinal cord control this behavior. Using the zebrafish to study this information is broadly conserved among vertebrates, but it might gives good insight about mammalian systems to establish new types of models of human disease. Gerald Downess works with five other researchers to help on this project.




The only thing I would suggest is to use specific names instead of using too many pronouns in some sentences.

The only suggestion I have is to change "but it might gives good insight" to "but it might give good insight". It makes more sense gramatically.