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Telomere HW PP

Submitted by sjurgilewicz on Fri, 03/10/2017 - 13:26

The telomere theory of aging is the theory that telomeres shorten in length each time the cell undergoes division. Telomeres provide protection to a chromosome by using repeated nucleotide sequences. If they telomere continues to shorten over time, eventually they will be gone and the chromosome will not have any protection during cell division and important DNA sequences can be lost.



This was a good intro to the telomere theory of aging, but it did left out some information that make it hard for some people to understand like what is a telomere? What enzyme allows the protection from telomere degradation? 

The only suggestion I have is changing " If they telomere" to "If the telomere" as I think it makes more sense in the paragraph. I'm sure that's what you had meant to say, but the grammar sounds confusing the way you have it written.