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Perfect Paragraph

Submitted by matjbaker on Fri, 03/10/2017 - 11:08

    At the bottom of the plant, there are no branches, however, higher up in the plant there are numerous branches. The branches are not symmetrical and contain a varying number of leaves on a given branch. The branches have hair like protrusions around where the leaves connect to the branch. The branches also have nodes and some of them have branches growing out of those nodes. The leaves seem to be bilaterally symmetrical with one prominent stem running through the middle. The leaves also have striations parallel to the stem. Some of the striations are more pronounced than others. The leaves are smooth to the touch and are very thin. Additionally, the leaves all have very straight edges. 



Very descriptive, the only suggestion I have is to try not to start every sentence with "the". I think it would make the paragraph a lot easier to read. 

Im assuming this is an excerpt from a larger piece of writing. If not there needs to be more background information and you should not start so aburptly.