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Bio Worm Observations

Submitted by christianram on Fri, 01/27/2017 - 15:24

The “object” I was given is a live organism that seems to resemble a mealworm. It is roughly 2.5 cm long from end to end when the body is extended. Its body color is white/grayish consisting of about 10 segments, each of which average out to be 2mm in length. It has a brownish colored head that is about 1 mm in length. The widest part of its body seems to be about 3mm wide. It has 6 front legs and 8 suction cup type legs that are located at its midsection. It is capable of moving forwards and backwards by contacting and retracting its body. It seemed to hesitate for about a second or so to climb on top of my finger, but sure enough proceeded to. I am curious as to what kind of eye sight it has and how it behaves under complete darkness.

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