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Story book industry v. inferiority

Submitted by cberg on Wed, 12/06/2017 - 13:31

Our story book focuses on the fourth stage of Erikson’s theory; “Industry vs. Inferiority.” In this stage (which our target audience of 5-7 year olds should be experiencing) children are developmentally becoming competent and confident in their abilities, or are feeling inferior. Feelings of confidence stem from children being supported while attempting to complete tasks on their own, and rewarded for their accomplishments. Feelings of inferiority stem from children being ridiculed or punished for their failures; causing hesitation to continue to attempt any challenges. In our story, the mother squirrel teaches her daughter how to find acorns. When her child successfully finds acorns, the mother praises and rewards her so that she will feel confident to continue mastering the skill in the future. Erikson’s theory can also be useful for the parent or teacher assisting their child with reading this story book. By challenging the child to read pages of the story or count pictures of acorns independently, and rewarding the child when successful, the adult can make the child feel confident to continue mastering reading and counting skills.