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Replicate vs. Original image differences outline

Submitted by jjaneiro on Fri, 09/29/2017 - 14:27

Figure A. -  they are at different amounts of zoom, and are showing different areas of campus

                  the replicate figure has labels from google earth, where are the original does not have any labels of buildings and so forth

Figure B. - the angle of the photograph of the fungus is different, the zoom amount is also different

                  the lighting is different in the two photos, the foliage on the ground vary in color and amount between the two photos   

Figure C. -  the bar graph elements in figure C are in a different order in each figure

                   figure C is much wider in the replicate

                  the axes labels on the graphs are different

                  the title of the graph is either nonexistent, or not visible in the arrangement of the original figure           

overall-  the size of the labels on the photos are different

              the size of the figures are different in the replicate and the original, the replicate figures are wider, whereas the original figures are narrower