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proposal reflection

Submitted by jmazzola on Fri, 12/15/2017 - 01:39

The next project assigned to the class was called the PROPOSAL, a group effort which was essentially a written presentation of our idea for research on a species of flatworm, planarians. This project also helped me to solidify the idea of detail inclusion because a similar event happened where there were many more aspects that needed to be included in the project than I had originally thought going in. Specifically, for this project there were about six sections needed; an abstract, specific aims, background, research design, impact or significance and a references section. It made sense why each section would be required when submitting a proposal, but I had never seen what one was supposed to look like prior to this so I didn’t have high expectations of work when introduced to it. Overall however, I do believe this project was important to assign looking back, because science majors will most likely encounter a research proposal in the future whether they are the ones that must write it or not.