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Proposal project reflection

Submitted by cberg on Fri, 12/15/2017 - 09:48

Having our project proposal selected as the class’s experiment presented our group with the challenge of making sure our experimental methods were straight forward and detailed enough to produce the intended outcome. Before being selected we believed that our methods were complete and well done. However, upon reviewing our paper with the knowledge that a class of students would be using the paper as a guideline for their experiment, we realized that many parts of the paper required adjustment. We had to edit the paper so that the experiment would be applicable to the exact number of groups who intended to participate in it. We also had to specify aspects of the written methods that were previously written in an ambiguous way. Looking back, I am glad that our proposal was selected because it gave our group the full experience of the project. Writing experimental methods with the knowledge that they will need to be easily followed and produced gave us the chance to see the challenges and requirements of writing real scientific papers. Had we not been selected, our proposal would have been submitted as its original version, and we would not have had this experience.