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Maggot in a cup

Submitted by danielcosta on Wed, 09/13/2017 - 12:49

The cup contained what I presume to be a maggot in its larval stage. The body of the creature was of a cream color and soft in texture. The head seemed to be harder than the rest of the body and also was a brown color. It did not move much, just mainly when poked or prodded. When it moved, it was seperated into a few different segments. The body seemed to make a wave motion, as the hind legs gripped onto the ground allowing the middle part of the body to stretch out, followed by the front segment of its body to make the creature fully elongated. Its front 6 legs, divided into 3 pairs, allowed the creature to inch its way forward. The body of the creature had short, slim sensory hairs protruding from various spots; the head also had two sensory organs positioned out of the front of it. The creature used these two hairs to feel around it, sensing its surroundings. On the top of the creature's body, I could make out a little sliver of fluid running along the front to the back of the body. This line would seemingly pulsate, going in and out of vision about every second, mimicking a heartbeat. The creature seemed calm for the most part, not moving much, sticking to the edge of the cup, and keeping its body tucked into a hooked-shape, where it would curl the bottom half of its body up towards its front half. This creature was small, measuring at its most elongated state at only about 29mm. I have the intuition that the creature would make the perfect snack for various species of birds. 



This paragraph was well worded except for a few run-on sentences. My only piece of advice would be to restructure the paragraph so that the descriptions are at the beginning before delving into movement observations etc. That way, topics would be grouped together.