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Larva observation 9/8/17

Submitted by jjaneiro on Thu, 09/14/2017 - 10:20

The larva I observed is approximately two centimeters long at rest; It is capable of shrinking and expanding its body to a considerable degree in both directions, varying in length from one centimeter when condensed, to approximately two and a half centimeters when expanded. Its body is segmented, beige in color, with a dark brown head region and little black hairs covering the dorsal side of its body. This organism has sixteen black feet, in eight pairs with two feet on each body segment. The pads of its feet seem capable of suction; they are able to hold the slivers of wood in the bottom of the cup on its feet when lifted in the air and then drop them.  When first placed in the specimen cup, the larva was actively trying to escape, crawling around the bottom of the cup and up on the sides. After taking the larva out of the cup with no enclosed sides around it, the organism raised its torso to search for any additional surfaces that might be above it to grab on to. Finding none, it put its torso back down and began to crawl. The trunk of its body moves in a wave-like motion, using the very end of its body as support for pushing off of surfaces. The larva is also able to curl its head and posterior end together to form a circle with its body. 



Your paragraph is well organized and easy to read. When describing the way the larva moved, it was similar to a narration of what it was doing instead of a statement of what you observed. What did you observe while watching the larvae try to escape the cup? 

I feel you did a very good job in your observations. My only question/ comment would be the use of the semicolon in the opening sentence.

Good job! One comment I'd make though, is that there doesn't really seem to be an opening or closing sentence- the paragraph just kind of starts off with a fact and ends kind of abruptly.