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future research part

Submitted by chengqian on Thu, 12/07/2017 - 07:12

Future research

  • Place the planarian in a more suitable environment for the cold environment condition. Translucent head regeneration is visible. The regeneration
  • Check the growth of three groups of planarians multiple times with longer time interval between each time point
  • Choose specific temperatures using more reliable evidences
  • Investigate more information about regeneration rates of split planarians to decide each check point
  • Apply body area as the measurement object for the growth situation



This isn't a paragraph, so I would have connected everything together in sentence form rather than talking about your statements in bullet-point form. This way here you can include and intro and concluding sentence. 

I think you have some good ideas for future research - perhaps you could expand on how you could plan to carry out those experiments and make the section more encompassing