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Discussion draft

Submitted by jmazzola on Fri, 10/13/2017 - 01:18

Once I had fully compared the replicate figure to my own original one, I realized I was not entirely surprised with some of the major differences between the two. After the submission of my methods, I thought of several small details that I had left out that would have definitely contributed to more accurate replication, and did indeed result in the less accurate replication described above. When initially detailing my figure methods, I felt it was most important to specify exact location so that whoever followed them would definitely find the exact tree depicted in my figure and not a different one. However, I then failed to think of additional small details when actually taking the photos, details such as time of day, which is what lead to the overall noticeable difference in lighting between the two figures. I also did not specify the distance at which each photo was taken, resulting in the different depths in the figures.