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Submitted by hamacdonald on Wed, 12/06/2017 - 15:44

This was our last week this semester at Spruce Hills. The house was in full holiday spirit. Decorations were up including a tree. David, Rosie’s now fiancé, was visiting. Rosie had some exciting news for us, David proposed to her this Saturday and now they are engaged. She seemed very happy about this and it was exciting to see the two of them so happy. However, David brings a high energy that we are not used to at the Spruce Hills house. He was very demanding and over excited which bothered Judy at times when he was a little loud. All in all her worked well with the group.

            Everyone in the group seemed to love the frames we brought them to decorate and put in the pictures we took the week prior. After this we went on to decorate Santa hats and paper plate wreaths. David got really into the Santa hat thing and had me make him a beard out of a paper plate. He had a lot of fun pretending to be Santa Claus. We ended this week with snacks and bingo. It was hard to tell the girls we weren’t going to be back until the next semester but they seemed to understand.