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Methods Intro (P1) - perfect paragraph

Submitted by jmazzola on Wed, 12/13/2017 - 23:11

In Biology 312, the first project of the semester, “METHODS” was assigned in order to strengthen scientific analytical skills through replication and the practice of distinguishing between observations and inferences. In this project, one was to create a multi-panel scientific figure, detail how to produce it, and then pass on these instructions to another in hopes that they will then create the same if not a very similar figure by following the instructions on how to produce it. This process is designed to recreate the certain aspects that come with writing a scientific paper, specifically the need for extensive attention to detail and for good explanation skills. By observing what figure replicate comes about from your own written instructions on how to create the figure, you see how much detail you may have missed, or what features needed more elaboration, thus showing this need for detail and explanation in science.



I would suggest choosing one tense for your paragraph. There are a few instances in which you swtich between present and past tense.