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Strengths of the phantom limb study (perf)

Submitted by daniellam on Fri, 12/15/2017 - 00:47

The study for the phantom limb sites served a micro-niche of patients (amputated limb, phantom pain, willing participation), but the experimenters were able to find participants with amputated limbs that were willing to perform in the study. The study was opportunistic and the experimenters took advantage of the resources they had at the time. Using humans rather than animals served an advantage in the specificity of the data they obtained. The study was meant to not only lead to better knowledge of the thalamus, it also allowed them to pinpoint the source of the phantom limb pain and help the patients that had it.



this is a great paragraph. It has a focusing opening line and continues with the same subject throughout the paragraph. Good sentence structure and and closing sentence

This paragraph is very informative and well written. It sounds like a very intersting study as well! With a little more information, this could be a great abstract. 

The opening to the paragraph was strong. I think that a couple of sentences describing how the study was performed would complete the paragraph.