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Thesis Literature Review

Submitted by dwiley on Tue, 12/05/2017 - 16:44

Cortisol, the human stress hormone, earned its name being the primary glucocorticoid for human and non-human primates and the key component in their physiological stress response system. Stress is defined as “any event, whether real or perceived, that acts to disturb the homeostatic balance” according to Lovejoy’s Neuroendocrinology, an Integrated Apprpach. Although one tends to think that stress is primarily a result from emotional circumstances, it can be evoked by invisible stressors that the individual would not realize. These would include situations such as prolonged pain or deprivation from a substance that the body needs.




Maybe add a conclusion sentacne that wraps up your main point. It seems to stop short. Otherwise great writing!

In science writing, it is more accepted to paraphrase a source rather than using quotes, so I would make changes accordingly. Overally, the content of the text is informative, but I would also agree adding a stronger concluding sentence.