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Submitted by oelbetanony on Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:20

Hemichordates are distingushed by a tripartite segmentation. At the front they have a preoral lobe and behind that is the collar and last comes the trunk. They share some characterstics from the chordates like branchial openings, stomochord, dorsal nerve cord, and a smaller ventral nerve cord. The hemichordates have three different classes. The first class is the Enteropneusta, they are referred to as acorn worms and they use proboscis to burrow through sediment. Pterobranchia is another class which is characterized by how the individuals of the class form colonies. Graptolithina is the last class which is already extinct, their fossils are found in ordovician and silurian rocks.



This paragraph flows logically and clearly states a lot of different information but it fits.

I would  be more specific to what you are referring to, as in the first sentence where it says "the front", "behind". To what location are you reffering from, the body, ora  specific structure? I think a stronger, more broad concluding sentence would help the text finish, instead of ending on a specific fact.