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Perfect paragraph

Submitted by bmoreau on Tue, 12/05/2017 - 11:32

In life there is also a line or boundary between what is right and what is wrong. As stated above, Walter does wrong by our society by selling and cooking drugs, and also lying to everyone about it. There are also double standards in our society. For example it is less serious when a man cheats on his wife, but it is absolutely horrible for a woman to cheat on her husband in any circumstances, and she will be looked down upon. Walter’s wife Skylar does not pertain to the cultural truth-value of staying loyal to her husband. She breaks the boundary between what we know as right and wrong and she sleeps with her boss while still married to Walter. Not only does Walter manipulate the boundaries and cultural truth-values, but his wife does as well, and in this way they are both similar to the trickster Hermes, god of all boundaries. 



There are a few instances where using different words would make the paragraph flow better! Try using a thesaurus, I do for every paper I write!

good job! only suggestion is the first sentence you start out saying there is also but nothing came before it so maybe remove the word also unless there was someting discussed prior.