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Wheat Varieties

Submitted by samihaalam on Sat, 11/18/2017 - 15:26

Wheat originated around 10,000 BP in Southwestern Asia. One species of wheat is Triticum monococcum, or Einkorn. Today, it is harvested mainly in the Middle East and Southern Europe. It contains glumes that fit tightly around its seeds. The domesticated version of this species differs from the wild version only in its shattering abilities; the seeds don't fall off in the domesticated species as easily as they do in the wild species, which makes it easier to harvest them. Another species of wheat is Triticum turgidum. Two common subspecies of this are Triticum turgidum ssp. dicocooides (emmer) and  Triticum turgidum ssp. durum (durum). Their seeds do not have glumes around them. A third species of wheat is Triticum aestivum, or bread wheat. There also appears to be no glume around its seeds. Interestinglty, although these are all species of wheat, each of these species has a diffferent number of chromosomes.  



Great paragraph! I think using a stronger topic sentence would make it even better and give the reader an idea of what you'll be talking about. 

This seems like a taxonomy of the species in paragraph form. Maybe include more information on each species. Good work though, the paragraph looks well organized.

I think your paragraph would be stronger if you provided information about the species you mention. The end of the paragraph becomes a bit more list-like and could be more informative if you added some additional facts.