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Planarian abstract 1

Submitted by chengqian on Fri, 11/17/2017 - 18:12

The Planarian is a peculiar organism and the research of the planarian is also worth exploring. Planarians are photophobic and is influenced by different wavelength. Its regeneration feature allows it regenerates even it is cut into two pieces. Memory from the initial individual is also inherited by the second individual which grew from the cut part of the body. In order to reducethe cost of the biochemical memory experiment about the planarian and widely distribute the research on planarians, this project try to provide a way to use a cell phone in-built flash light instead of a light with an electric shock to do the experiment.



Good information, just a few grammar errors. For example, the second sentence should read "planarians are photobic and are influenced by different wavelengths." The next sentence could also go "Their regeneration feature allows them to regenerate, even they are cut into two pieces".

Good paragraph! I'd try to rewrite your first sentence as you want to try to avoid judgements (i.e. peculiar)

There are some editorial issues that can be fixed easily with proofreading and the descriptions should be more objective and not subjective (for example when you said peculiar organism).