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Rational analyze and questions about 2045 Initiative Project

Submitted by chengqian on Fri, 09/22/2017 - 00:02

   About four years ago, I was mad about a project called 2045 Initiative project. The project is planning to extend human’s life to immortal. At that time, I was really attracted into the theories and methods they posted on their website without any evidence. I noticed the 2045 initiative website from “my favorite” folder in my browser yesterday. I think I can think about the methods and concepts rationally and soberly right now. In the picture of the roadmap for their technological project, there are four steps. Although I have some small questions about the first two steps, I’m starting with the third and the fourth steps. The third step is to create some synthetic carriers of personality and consciousness. I’m confused about the “personality and consciousness.” Can they be transferred? If people’s personality and consciousness get copied and pasted, what happened to their original personality and consciousness? We all know copy pasted is just copying, deleting, and then pasting. The fourth step is more unreachable than the third step. During these four years, I lost my patience and confidence little by little. And now, I feel totally unbelievable about this project.



It's sounds a bit as if you're just typing out all your thought processes with this "project", so it almost sounds a bit off, but also it does seem to be organized into clear sections, I can see the topic from the first sentence, you have a decent flowing body and then a concluding sentence. But then you do also have some grammar/word issues in there that could be fixed up a bit (examples --- "I think I can think...", "The fourth step is more unreachable than the third step." - fragmented sentence)

It seemed a bit like a stream of consciousness - there were a lot of ideas mentioned in this paragraph that maybe could have been transitioned to/explained more. I think the fourth step, in particular, could have been fleshed out more.