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Thin layer chromatography

Submitted by oelbetanony on Thu, 09/21/2017 - 15:33

Thin layer chromatograohy is a three step method used for analyzing mixtures by seprating compunds in the mixture based on polarity. The steps are in order, spotting, develpment, and visualization. Thin layer chromatography can help identify the number of compoubds, the identity, and the purity of a compound. The first step spotting is when you use a pipet to add a spot of the compound you are testing on the powdered silica gel tray. development is when you place the tray in a jar with a developing solvent in it. The solvent will eventually travel up the silica gel and thats when we know its been developed. Visulaiztion of the developed tray can be hard since most organic compiunds are colorless so to be able to see the spots we must use a short wavelength UV light. To calculte the retention factor we take the the distance traveled by the substance and divide by the distance traveld by the solvent. 

My day

Submitted by oelbetanony on Fri, 09/15/2017 - 15:10

I started my day off very early by getting up at 6 to go for a run. Then I showered and got ready for my lab, once I was ready I had a quick breakfast at Franklin dinnig commons which was an egg white omellette and some chicken sausage. After lab I then headed home to have a snack which consisted of a whey protien shake and peanut butter fluff on wheat toast. After my snack I headed to my plant cell bio class during which I had a protien bar. After class I headed to newman cafe and got a griled chicken salad. About an hour and a half later i had three pieces of chicken breast with some green beans. It was nice out so i threw the football around with a few friends after which I went home and had turkey BLT wrap.

In the afternoon I went to the gym to lift and had peanut butter and two rice cakes before I went as a pre workout snack. After the gym I had a protien bar with some canned tuna. An hour later I started to clean my room and While I was cleaning my room I had some more chicken with sweet potatos. Once my room was clean I went to watch the football games with a bunch of my buddies during which we ordered some chicken wings. Once the game was over I went back and had another Whey protien shake with some halotop ice cream.

The maggot

Submitted by oelbetanony on Fri, 09/08/2017 - 15:34

This maggot is white and has what appears to be a brown head. It has white hairs on its body and many legs. its hind legs appear to have some kind of suction mechanism. It seems to be attracted to a piece of wood chip almost nawing at it. Its very good at orienting itself and rolling over off its back when I rolled it over multiple times. It moves a lot and crawls when its aggrevated but doesnt crawl very fast. Its squashy and soft to the touch but very hard to grasp or pick up with just your fingers. Its approxiemtly 15 millimeters but I'd conclude that its propably longer because its body is not fully extended due to the fact that it doesnt have a hard exoskeleton. It also tends to stay at the edge of the cup and stays away from the middle.

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