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BioChem Notes

Submitted by eodonovan on Thu, 09/21/2017 - 12:28

All amino acids have at lease 2 ionizable functional groups; therefore, the titrations curves will have multiple plateaus. All basic amino acids will have an amino R-group. The basic amino acids are Histidine, Lysine and Arginine. The amino group will either be positive when it is protonated or neutral when it is deprotonated. It will never be negative. All acidic amino acids have a carboxyl R-group. The acidic amino acids are Asparitic acid and Glutamic acid. The carboxyl group will either be neutral when protonated or negative when deprotonated. It will never be positive. Protonation state is deprotonated when the pH of environment is greater than pKa. Protonation state is protonated when the pH of environment is less than pKa. 


Submitted by eodonovan on Wed, 09/20/2017 - 20:42

After focusing on all my daily activities, I’ve realized how much I walk to and from something. In my house alone, especially in the morning, all I do is walk around, getting everything and myself in order to leave for class. I walk out of my house to the bus stop. I walk from the bus stop to my first class. I walk to the gym. I walk to my second class. I walk to and around Blue Wall. I walk back to the bus stop. I walk from the bus stop into my house. And, again, I walk around my house. Walking seems to be the most common activity of my day. 

Maggot Observation

Submitted by eodonovan on Fri, 09/08/2017 - 15:24

The maggot has a beige colored body with a small brown head the size of a pen tip. Its body contains about 10 segments and it has 6 legs at the top half of its body. At the bottom half of the body it looks as if the maggot has 10 suction cups used for forward movement. It has hair extending out of its body and brown dots on the side of its body. When the maggot first entered the cup it was constantly moving, but now it is stationary. It is usually straight but sometimes curls into a half moon shape. When flipped over it uses it front 6 legs to immediately turn itself over. Measured with a ruler the maggot extends to about 3cm. When condensed it can be as small at 1.5 cm. Each segment is about 0.2 cm when stretched and about .1 cm when it scrunches to inch forward.  Its body is about 0.5 cm in width, but reduces in size as you move toward the head and rear measuring about 0.2 cm. When placed in the middle of the cup, it moves back to the outer wall and moves along the indent of the cup. You can change its behavior by poking it with a pencil, forcing it to squirm and starts to inch forward at a faster rate. 

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