Last lecture notes!

Here are the lecture notes for the last lecture (monday 12/10)

Monday Dec 10 class meeting

Please remember, this extra lecture (monday, 12/10) will be held in Morrill IV room 341. This is NOT our regular class room. Sorry. Hope to see you. TB

Hedging and intensifying notes

Here is the pdf I worked from today. Enjoy. TB

Homework number 4

Class, here is the homework on extra redundancy, wishy washy hedges, and incredibly awesome intensifiers. Remember this due definitely (intensifier) on Monday Dec 3rd by 9 am.

For this assignment, the attachment here (below) contains four examples. Choose one (just ONE!) of them to work with.

First: assess for concision, are there redundancies, or obvious inferences, or other words readily deleted? How about hedges and intensifiers? Label all of these things. To keep things consistent, use underlining for things to delete, purple highlight for intensifiers, and yellow highlight for hedges.

Second: does the author use resumptive, summative, or free modifiers? Label all the ones that you find. You can label these any way you like.

Third: revise the paragraphs. Remove redundancies. For practice, in your revision, include one of the three modifiers (resumptive, summative, or free) in each paragraph. Label them. Also, revise as you see fit based on character/action and topic/stress as we covered earlier in class.

Provide comments on your revisions. Do you think the sentences extended by the modifiers work well? or are forced?

When you are ready to upload, note that for homework four, there are four different books, one for each of the examples. Please be sure to upload your homework to the relevant example page. Also, please convert your file to a .pdf prior to uploading. Please do not upload .doc etc. Thank you.

You do not not need to work up any of the numbered exercises in Williams. However, if you have difficulty with these concepts, do one or two of of the odd numbered ones and compare your work to the "answers" at the back of the book.

Final Paper notes

Class, here is a pdf giving instructions for your final paper, due on the tenth december.

Baskin's topic and stress pdf

Class, here is the pdf I worked from in class. Enjoy. And remember to look at the last example, which there was no time to go over in class. It is instructive to say the least.

Notes for Nov 5th topic stress

Here are lecture slides.

updated syllabus

The assignement for exercise three is now posted. Check the link to upper left. Note that this one is due by WEDNESDAY Nov 14th, 9am.

As for the rest of the seminar, here is how it will go:

Wed Nov 14 no class (this is a Umass Monday). But exercie 3 is due.

Nov 19. Go over exercise 3.

Nov. 26 Lessons 7 and 8. Concision and Shape.

Dec 3. Excercises 4 due, and we will go over them in class.

Dec 10. Your papers are due. At noon, in my mail box. Yes I want a hard copy. More info will be forthcoming. ALSO I will give the last lecture that day. It is after classes, no hard feelings if you skip it. But I have one more lecture for the course (Sandy stole a day) so I'll give it for anyone interested.

Are you scared yet?

Class, as of now, I expect to have class on Monday. BUT if the weather is bad, I'll cancel it. Check this space. And if you have any doubt about your safety and so on in terms of coming to or staying on campus, then chose the safest way. Don't endanger yourself or others.