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Comp. Vert. Anat. (Richmond)
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Preparation Page



Please check the syllabus for more information.

Below you'll find links to the lecture slides:

Lecture 1 - Introduction to comparative biology

Lectures 2-4 - Vertebrate origins and diversity

Lecture 5 - Vertebrate embryology

Lecture 6 - Mechanics and functional morphology

Lecture 7 - Skin

Lectures 8-9 - Cranial skeleton

Lecture 10 - Postcranial skeleton I

Lecture 11 - Postcranial skeleton II

Lectures 12-13 - Muscles and locomotion

Lectures 14-15 - Sensory systems

Lectures 16-17 - Nervous system

Lecture 18 - Brain

Lecture 19 - Endocrine System

Lecture 20 - Feeding I

Lecture 21 - Feeding II

Lecture 22 - Respiration

Lecture 23 - Circulation

Lab Resources


Bird Skeleton

Croc Pelvis and Pectoral Girdle

Croc Skull and Lower Jaw

Frog Pelvis

Turtle Carapace and Plastron

Developmental Bio Links

This page has many of the diagrams that I printed out for use in class. Be sure to click on the "Whole Mount" links for the 3-4 MM Frog, 24 Hr Chick, 33 Hr Chick, and 48 Hr Chick.

Muscle Dissection Links

This page has good images of shark and cat dissections. You can use them to quiz yourself.

This site has some labeled images of shark and mudpuppy dissections.

This site has some practice quizzes for muscle dissections. Scroll down to "IV. The Muscular System," and find the relevant animals. You will want to use the Mudpuppy and Cat materials.

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