Professional Development

Professional Development sbrewer Tue, 03/01/2016 - 11:19


Each consultant needs to be familiar with the software and hardware provided in the BCRC. Below is an outline of the skills identified for consultants to develop.

BCRC Skills

  • Send email to the list ( )
  • Print
  • Print successfully from a document that uses frames (like your transcript from Spire)
  • Find every piece of equipment
  • Make reservations
  • Find every piece of software
  • Use printer control scripts: to check printer queues or cancel jobs
  • Post to your blog
  • Post to the twitter feed
  • Start-up X-windows and X-windows applications
  • How to Force Quit if the system gets stuck 'loading forever'
  • How to manage user accounts
  • Make coffee


  • Create and edit a simple document in txt format
  • Create and edit a simple document in html ** Make a document ** Make headings ** Insert an image


  • Find the list of shared file-systems
  • Move a file from one machine to another via the network (using Scratch volume)
  • Save a file to a net-private volume
  • Find a file on the disk
  • Save a file on an external device (flashdrive, etc)
  • Burn a CD/DVD
  • Translate a word-perfect file
  • Compress a directory of files to make a zip file


  • Change the password of a student account.
  • Cogently explain the password changing process/rules
  • Interpret whether or not the user has a Biology account
  • know the combination for the door
  • know the passwords for the local "bcrc", "bcrcstaff", and "radmind" accounts and when to log in as each.
  • know to never ever give passwords to anyone and make people see the Director to get them.

Photoshop and gimp

  • download imagery from a camera.
  • Change image size
  • Adjust levels
  • Understand when to save as .xcf, Photoshop, PICT, tiff, or jpeg.

Data projector

  • Create a slide presentation
  • Set-up a data projector
  • Print slides in handout or notes view

Word and OpenOffice

  • Create and use custom Styles
  • Insert a picture
  • Make a table
  • Save as html or PDF


  • Create a poster with Scribus
  • Print a poster

Excel and R

  • Make a histogram
  • Make a scatter plot
  • Draw a "best fit" line